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Brexit: How to Repair a Broken Public Sphere?

Following our invitation to pool ideas for strengthening Welsh internationalism after the EU referendum, Dan Evans gives his perspective on what needs to be done to rejuvenate Wales’s public sphere, the weakness of which was revealed by the shock felt by many at the referendum result.

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A Siren Call and a Lagoon: Elusive Welsh Utopias

Jamie Harris goes in search of Welsh utopian visions, via folklore, history, literature, politics, art and architecture. With the Far Right gaining a foothold in the Senedd, he reflects on the consequences of the Welsh political leadership’s resolutely anti-utopian stance.

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Routing Out the Rhinoceroses: Romania's Revolution of Light

Emilia Ivancu gives an insight into how physical space, pop culture, literature, folk custom and the internet are being used in extraordinary ways in Romania to challenge the threat to democracy and peace from government corruption and Putin's Russia.

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Beholden to No-one but the Oppressed The Welsh Anti-Apartheid Movement

Hanef Bhamjee gives an account of the philosophy, logistics and strategy behind the success of the Welsh Anti-Apartheid Movement, and how the organisation contributed to a victory for anti-racism, as well as uniting disparate factions within Wales. What can this story offer us now, as new networks mobilise against racism and injustice?

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