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A Shabby Affair

A long view on the Chilcot Inquiry: John Barnie pinpoints the failures, deceits and delusions of grandeur which characterised the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Brexit: What Future for Welsh Anti-Poverty Policy?

Sioned Pearce and Stuart Fox offer a future direction for Welsh anti-poverty policy and cross-border collaboration on regeneration in anticipation of EU structural funds coming to an end.

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What More Can We Say?

In the 50 years since Sam Knight reached the scene of the Aberfan disaster, so many words have been spoken, so much information analysed and so many headlines written about the atrocity, yet for some who were directly affected it is only now they can speak of their trauma.

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Oh He of Little Faith

Greg Cullen: Cardiff Without Culture offer vital lessons for anti-austerity activism following their successful campaign against a proposed £700,000 cut to Cardiff Council’s culture budget.

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Retracing Wales: Borth to Machynlleth

Mike Parker heads inland from Borth to Machynlleth along an estuarine part of the coast path, past places named after long-gone islands: Ynys Tachwedd, Neuadd-yr-Ynys, Ynyslas, Ynys Eidiol, Ynys Greigiog, Ynys Edwin and Ynyshir, sending a few tongue-in-cheek postcards from this muddy Welsh Venice as he goes…

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