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Brexit: A Moment of Existential Danger

Following our invitation to pool ideas for how to safeguard Welsh national interests following the Leave vote, Ned Thomas warns that we first need to be fully aware of what is at stake for Wales should we no longer be part of a European mosaic of cultures and languages. With the dream of Welsh European ‘unity in diversity’ under threat, he argues that the Welsh language and Wales as a distinct political community face an uncertain future.

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Pride and Privilege

Sara Peacock explores the striking commonalities between manifestations of prejudice against LGBT+ people and Welsh speakers, and how strategies used by the LGBT+ community to resist discrimination and carve out space for self-expression could be fruitful for protecting the Welsh language.

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Retracing Wales: Rhos Point to Pen y Gogarth

Our series Retracing Wales offers creative responses to the Wales Coast Path which lead the reader astray from the usual tourist narratives. Charlotte Williams, the daughter of a Welsh mother and Guyanese father, was brought up in Llandudno and now lives in Australia. From this faraway country she finds a way of reconciling her feelings towards the Welsh landscape.

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Welsh Keywords: Crachach

Our Welsh Keywords offers contemporary perspectives on the meaning of words in Welsh, inspired by Raymond Williams’ Keywords. In this issue, historian Paul O’Leary traces the mutating meaning of the word ‘crachach’, from the 1880s to the present. He discusses how the toxic term has become a common slur on Welsh speakers as a whole, despite stark class inequalities within both Welsh and English-speaking communities. Why do people feel the impulse to concoct dark visions of shadowy elites?

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