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Plummeting and Soaring: Newport and Merthyr Tydfil

Hugh Adams contrasts arts provision in Newport and Merthyr, arguing that the former is in severe decline while the latter is now flourishing, and describes the profound effects local government policy is having on the culture, economy and morale of these communities.
On the Money
David Greenslade on the insight currency design gives us into the relationship between the global economy and national identity. Could Wales’s economy be aided by the development of its own currency iconography?

Tim Holmes on the difficulties facing transport infrastructure in Wales

Rhian E. Jones on the centenary of the 1913 Senghenydd colliery disaster
One Wales, Two Versions

Helle Michelsen gives a Scandinavian perspective on ‘Welsh noir’, and explores common taboos around the Welsh language which surround the Y Gwyll/Hinterland phenomenon.
The World Turned Inside Out
Peter Stevenson tells the harrowing folktales of the Ceredigion lead mines, seamed with poverty, murder and racial tension. These are accompanied by images by Alison Lochhead.
Mining Museums: The Spoils of Exploitation

Gareth Hoskins visits mining museums in Wales, the USA and South Africa, and argues that industrial heritage sites such as that at Blaenavon can conceal or even justify continuing inequality and ecological disaster.

"Time and again Planet has taken me upwards and outwards from the fulcrum of Wales to the furthest reaches of discussion and discovery" ... - Jan Morris