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Brexit: What Next for Welsh Agriculture?

Following our invitation to pool ideas for how to safeguard Welsh national interests after the Leave vote, Ffion Jones draws on her experience as a sheep farmer and film-maker to offer proposals for the future, arguing that if farmers are not part of the dialogue for how to adapt agriculture policy post-referendum, this could decimate whole cultures and landscapes.

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We Need to Build a New Society: Rethinking Civics in Schools

Dan Evans argues there is an urgent need to re-think political education in schools in order to rejuvenate a dysfunctional Welsh democracy. He presents new research into how schoolchildren conceive of politics in Wales and beyond, putting forward that civics teaching should be as much about critical thinking and instilling values as improving political literacy.

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A World of Gap Years and Gilt Frames

Congratulations to Polly Manning who has won the 2017 Planet Young Writers’ Essay Competition. In her essay, she tells the story of why she transferred from Oxford University to Swansea University after only nine days among the dreaming spires. She argues how higher education in Wales should present a progressive alternative to the cult of the Russell Group and the embedded privilege it represents.

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