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Dylan at 100

A Prologue to an Adventure is the prestigious international creative writing competition celebrating Dylan Thomas’s 100th birthday. It is part of Literature Wales’ Developing Dylan 100 education project, which is bringing the wizardry of Dylan Thomas’s words to the children and young people of Wales and beyond through creative workshops, a cutting-edge roadshow, and an online event to create an epic, 100-line poem.
Below is the winner of the Runner Up category, Phoebe Thomson.

Phoebe Thomson
Runner Up

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As he crooned, the cat-herd scattered
fleeting flocks of felines.
He’d had to pooper-scoop a coop of cat-crap.
Door unclasped, the cats had scrambled out
across his path, and were a–scatter:
secretively slaloming amidst sun-smitten kittens.
The cat-herd was distraught.
He caught a couple, crawlingly,
and kept them in a crater,
they climbed out.
As he wept, they deftly slept
and slipped through
cunning cracks in countrysides
and cities.
Cats roamed alone, or in astute cahoots of cute.
He tried to track the cats in hopeless loops,
but every cat escaped
the capers of their captor.

In place of cat, the cat-herd had to gather facts.

Number one:
you cannot keep
a free thing in a coop.

About Phoebe
I have just turned 19, and one fantastic present was the Peter Blake illustrated book of Under Milk Wood. I am about to start university; I will be going to Cambridge to study English. At the moment I live in London, I always have. I work at a chocolate shop, and have just finished an art foundation course. I’m very indecisive so I really didn’t know whether to study graphic design or not. In the end I went for English. I love reading; I usually read in my room, standing on one leg.