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Current issue

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Planet magazine has been offering a radical approach to the culture and politics of Wales and the world for nearly half a century. You can read a little more about our history here


A Welsh Nationalist Mourns the Death of Britain

Simon Brooks develops his argument that devolution has created a miniature version of the British state, with power centralised in Cardiff. He reflects on how independence could further threaten cultural difference within Wales – and moreover offers radical proposals for how an independent nation could avoid creating yet another homogenous state.

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Why We Should Listen to Care-Givers

Georgia Burdett details the financial, emotional and physical strains experienced by carers in Wales. She explores literature from Wales that offers hope for those experiencing the challenges of caring for loved ones, and outlines how the current social care system needs to be radically reformed.

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Beyond Brexit

Huw Williams argues that whether or not we leave the EU, many of the underlying dilemmas for Wales are the same. He offers concrete proposals for how to strengthen a weak public sphere, bring reconciliation to a fractured nation, push for greater autonomy and contribute to the global struggle for an alternative to neoliberal politics.

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When Vice Came to Swansea

Congratulations to the winner of our 2019 Young Writers’ Essay Competition. Mark S. Redfern argues that a globally popular Vice documentary, repackaged for YouTube, gives a condescending and sensationalist angle on Swansea’s heroin crisis, and has left a poisonous legacy in capturing for posterity humiliating depictions of the protagonists, and misrepresenting working-class Welsh culture.

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