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Planet magazine has been offering a radical approach to the culture and politics of Wales and the world for nearly half a century. You can read a little more about our history here


All Alone in Icy Seas: Wales, Brexit and Nordic Noir

Hywel Dix argues why the popularity of the Nordic noir genre, and its Welsh noir offspring, has something significant to say about the lack of a collective, aspirational European identity; and Wales’ isolation from both continental Europe and the other nations of the UK.

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Ambassadors for a Travelling Statelet: Fan Culture at Home and Away

Dan Evans celebrates Welsh football fan culture – its music, clothes, grassroots media and ethos of egalitarian hedonism – and furthermore how this contributes to national unity, internationalism and working-class self-organisation. Can the spirit of Wales away be transported back home?

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‘A Tough Life Needs A Tough Language’ Creativity, Inequality and the New Curriculum

Teacher Rajvi Glasbrook Griffiths looks in-depth at the proposed new curriculum, which will be finalised in 2019. She gives an insight into the transformative power of the arts in education, and argues that there is a danger that the current lack of clarity about expressive arts and literacy provision in the curriculum would undermine this.

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Reclaim our Land, Sea and Sky: The Welsh Peace Movement

Mererid Hopwood reflects back on the 2014 to 2018 commemoration of the First World War in Wales and the UK, asking what these activities say about memory, mourning, nationhood and inequality; looking to the future to offer proposals for how Wales can contribute to the struggle against 21st-century militarism.

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