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"Time and again Planet has taken me upwards and outwards from the fulcrum of Wales to the furthest reaches of discussion and discovery" ... - Jan Morris


Current issue

Here are a selection of excerpts from the current issue. You can see more in the current issue page here

Planet magazine has been offering a radical approach to the culture and politics of Wales and the world for nearly half a century. You can read a little more about our history here


Beyond Great Powers and Big Labels: Soundtracks to Independence

Deian Timms celebrates how small-label indie music can be a powerful channel for popularising independence for small nations such as Wales and Scotland. He argues that in a long tradition dating from the balladeers of the 1848 revolutions, this is part of a deeper yearning for an alternative reality in a dysfunctional world.

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Windrush and Other Immigrants: A Tale of Connections

Mike Joseph recounts an uncanny chain of coincidences, drawing on his experience as the child of German Jewish refugees in Cardiff and his career in journalism, which led him to reflect on the histories of Jewish and Black people in Britain, and the racist violence faced by both communities.

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When Wales Wrapped Herself Around Me

Writer Meltem Arıkan recounts how she fled to Wales in fear of her life following persecution in Turkey over her play, which was accused of being a dress rehearsal for the Gezi Park protests. She reflects on how walking across Wales has transformed her, and the new play this has inspired.

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Field Notes: A process and a poem

Damian Gorman draws on his own experience of the ‘Troubles’ to share the story of how he came to be involved in a project marking fifty years since the start of the conflict. He describes how the project engaged with people on both sides of the divide who were profoundly affected by violence, followed by the poem he wrote which emerged from these dialogues

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