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How to Strengthen Human Rights for Older People

In a series that proposes how society could change in response to Covid-19, law professor John Williams details how older people are dehumanised by ageism. Reflecting on the often shocking treatment of older people during the pandemic, he calls for a separate inquiry into the Welsh response to Covid-19, and argues how older people’s human rights can be protected.

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Dominoes, Gardening and Drinking Rum
The Twilight Years of the Windrush Generation

Yvonne Connikie gives an insight into her research into the leisure activities of Caribbean Elders in south Wales, and the zest for life she has discovered. She draws on theories of leisure, gender and Critical Race Theory to address the obstacles her interviewees face when seeking to enjoy themselves.

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Grassroots Collectives at the Gates

Dylan Huw celebrates the growing influence of radically political arts organisations. He argues that with large gatekeeping institutions now eager to display their ethical credentials, whatever their actual practices, their ‘abrupt embrace’ of the grassroots necessitates a reckoning with the often exploitative nature of the arts sector.

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Seeds of Life and Seeds of Death
Reading Raymond Williams from Brazil

Maria Elisa Cevasco gives an insight into the resonance of Raymond Williams’ work for her students in Bolsonaro’s Brazil, and why his notions of the ‘long revolution’ are so relevant today. She introduces the work of Brazilian scholar Antonio Candido, and argues why we should consider his work in parallel with Williams’.

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