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The Long Road to Independence: The EU and Self-Determination

In analysing the Catalan situation in 2021, Ned Thomas gives an insight into the institutional complexity and behind-the-scenes politics that means there is no simple answer to the question of whether the EU is capable of enabling self-determination more broadly; but concludes on an optimistic note.

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Fear Versus Love: Rachel Trezise interviews Justin Kerrigan

Rachel Trezise surveys the boarded-up clubs of lockdown Cardiff with Human Traffic director Justin Kerrigan. They discuss why Human Traffic 2 will be a response to Brexit, and remembering the 1994 Criminal Justice Act whether the Tories’ actions are again inspiring a DIY communal spirit...

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Welsh Keywords: Comin

Our Welsh Keywords series offers contemporary perspectives on the meaning of words in Welsh, inspired by Raymond Williams’ Keywords. In this issue, Grug Muse takes the reader on a walk through Comin Uwch Gwyrfai, reflecting on the history, ecology and emotional resonance of the ‘comin’: what does the communality of this space mean in an era of gentrification and pandemic?

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The National Churn: How Online Media Didn’t Influence the Senedd Election

Gareth Leaman argues why the reliance of parties on the ‘Twittering Machine’ is mistaken. He puts forward that progressive causes are undermined through a dependency on platforms whose economic logic of harvesting attention and publishing ephemera cannot lead to meaningful change.

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