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Planet magazine has been offering a radical approach to the culture and politics of Wales and the world for nearly half a century. You can read a little more about our history here


New Seams of Solidarity: Wales and Ukraine

Mick Antoniw AM draws on his family background as part of the Ukrainian refugee community, and his experience on the EU's Committee of the Regions, to detail how Wales could build on its historic relationship with Ukraine, from coalfield solidarity to language planning, and learn from other non-EU member nations further east how Wales could forge an alternative set of relationships with the EU after Brexit.

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Understanding the Void: Drug Law Reform & Libertarianism

Poet Sophie McKeand describes what prompted her to sell her possessions and head to the continent in a van. She discusses with fellow left-wing libertarian Plaid Cymru Police Commissioner Arfon Jones what this philosophy could mean in the context of drug law reform, detailing the practicalities of decriminalisation and regulation of illegal substances, and how this could reduce the suffering caused by the 'war on drugs'.

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Reading Between the Lines: Porthcawl to Cardiff Bay

Our new series of creative responses to Wales' rail network, Reading Between the Lines, plugs into widespread discontent with Wales’s transport infrastructure. Desolation Radio’s Dan Evans offers an evocative description of how the commute from Porthcawl (formerly ‘Valleys Valhalla’) to Cardiff (known for its pioneering travel network a century ago) demonstrates how the dismantling of the rail infrastructure has weakened both national identity and social equality.

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A Question of Literary Activism: Writing Black Wales

Charlotte Williams gives an in-depth study of myriad forms of Black writing in Wales, arguing that recognising Black Welsh writing is an expression of cultural democracy that expands the boundaries of the national imagination, in ways which can benefit everyone.

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