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‘You Are Not Welcome’: Travels through Gentrification, from the Floating City to Cardigan Bay

On city breaks to Venice and Berlin, Helen Sandler talks to campaigners about how they are challenging unsustainable tourism and gentrification. What could activists and authorities in rural Wales learn from these more radical approaches on the continent?

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The Meaning of Home, or The Five Stages of Brexit

Alyce Von Rothkirch experienced the death of her mother at the same time as the aggressive fallout from the EU referendum led to her decision to leave her home in Swansea for her birthplace of Germany. She describes how this double loss followed a similar pattern…

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Why We Need an Anti-War Government

Earlier this year, Welsh Labour activist Darren Williams and Plaid MEP Jill Evans spoke at an event on the theme of ‘Why we need an anti-war government’ hosted by Cardiff Stop the War Coalition. As the nuclear threat escalates and more of the world is drawn into conflict, these authors detail their separate perspectives on the urgent struggle to establish an anti-militarist platform in mainstream politics.

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How Many Hours to Zero?

In a follow-up to his article in Planet 226 on utopianism and Welsh cultural politics, Jamie Harris contrasts two visions for future energy generation, one utopian, the other decidedly dystopian: the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon and Wylfa B nuclear power station. He asks what future there is for progressive energy policy.

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