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Planet is a progressive quarterly magazine about the culture and politics of Wales and the world. Subtitled 'The Welsh Internationalist', Planet is a great way to keep in touch with the latest thinking coming out of Wales today. You can read in-depth articles about everything from Trumpism to Brexit and from American folk tales to Welsh keywords.

I know of no other magazine which collates Welsh ideas and values so thoughtfully with intellectual developments in the world at large, and interprets the results in such excellent journalism. - Jan Morris

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Without Planet, our world would be not only smaller and more inward-looking but also impoverished in creativity and intellectual expression. Planet is a first-rate magazine and as someone who travels a great deal I have yet to find a magazine like it. It is simply unique. Planet links us to the wider world yet understands the distinctiveness of place, nation and language.- Menna Elfyn


Recent issues of the magazine have included: Michael Sheen on moving between the worlds of Hollywood and radical Welsh activism; Wales and Europe in relation to Brexit; and a comparison of the literature of Welsh emigrants to the US with that of more recent migrants to Wales. We also publish poetry and short stories. 

About Planet

Planet magazine was founded in 1970 and has been described as 'the antidote to dumbing down' (Philip Madoc). Our current editor is Emily Trahair. We are passionate about the country, its cultures, and its relationship to the world - including the United States and the rest of the Welsh diaspora.

We are based in the coastal town of Aberystwyth in Mid Wales, in the university's historic sandstone Old College. Through the office window, starlings flock each evening above the Irish Sea.

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