Our core roles are to bridge Wales and the rest of the world ̶ forging new, pluralistic forms of distinctively Welsh internationalism; to address Wales’ democratic deficit by offering public-interest journalism that seeks to speak truth to power; to bring English- and Welsh-speaking Welsh culture into dialogue with each other; and to further unify a fragmented Welsh public sphere by offering a common space for work by writers from different backgrounds and parts of Wales on topics that span current affairs, politics, philosophy, literature, creative writing, life writing, history, culture, popular culture, the environment and more.

It's our belief that heterogenous voices need to be heard for Welsh society to truly understand itself, express the breadth of its talent, forge solidarity across difference and address its problems and inequalities.

Planet has always been both a weathercock and a signpost, responding to existing trends while also shaping readers’ consciousness. As a publisher of public-interest journalism we provide a platform for opinion pieces, creative writing and reviews that while are often contrasting in perspective, primarily take a progressive, internationalist angle that can bypass the mainstream UK media agenda.

Whether in the print magazine (that’s also available as a digital edition) or on our two online outlets Planet Extra and Planet Platform, we seek to publish extraordinary material that fully engages the intellect, emotions, imagination and conscience of our readers.

We are published by Berw Limited, a company limited by guarantee with no share capital. We are funded by the Books Council of Wales, and also receive financial sponsorship from the School of Journalism, Media and Culture at Cardiff University. We are hosted by Aberystwyth University. Our editor Emily Trahair has ultimate editorial control over our contents, and our guest book review editors also have editorial responsibilities.

The details in this mission statement have been given in part to conform to the regulatory requirements of our membership of Impress – the independent press regulator.