What's been said about Planet magazine

Planet is that rare beast in the Welsh Press jungle: an informed, entertaining, challenging product; a must-read for anyone who's serious about discussing the big issues that face us as a nation.
- Huw Edwards

Planet is yet another instance of the good small magazine as sign and guarantee of a healthy culture. The spark and hustle of energy, the variety of topics, the regularity of appearance - all that makes it a model of its kind.
- Seamus Heaney

Without Planet, our world would be not only smaller and more inward-looking but also impoverished in creativity and intellectual expression. Planet is a first-rate magazine and as someone who travels a great deal I have yet to find a magazine like it. It is simply unique. It is a magazine of significance and value which should receive the necessary support to continue which its excellent work. Planet links us to the wider world yet understands the distinctiveness of place, nation and language.
- Menna Elfyn

I believe Planet magazine to be an essential contributor to the development of Wales as a cultivated modern European country. I know of no other magazine which collates Welsh ideas and values so thoughtfully with intellectual developments in the world at large, and interprets the results in such excellent journalism. To my mind Planet is not only a credit to its own small nation, but also an example to the larger world of temperate international concern.
- Jan Morris

I'm all for looking at the world through unashamedly Welsh eyes, and when those eyes are linked to a well-informed Welsh brain, then all the better. Planet also appeals to me because it gives a lot of space to two of my favourite pastimes - the arts and politics.
- Dafydd Iwan

For me, Planet is one of the few 'must-read' journals that you don't leaf through and lay aside: it holds your attention from beginning to end. The breadth of scope is magnificent; the standard of writing uniformly high; most of all, Welsh affairs are placed within an international context that has us resolutely looking outwards to the wider world. The journal's plain-speaking political radicalism brings insight but also courage for a difficult road.
- Stevie Davies

I have been a subscriber – and occasional contributor – to Planet for many years. I look forward to the arrival of each edition, knowing that it will challenge circumscribed notions of culture and nationality. It has proved to be much more than a literary magazine and for me it has opened up new ways of seeing the world – the whole world, not just Wales, for it rightly claims to have the perspective of a Welsh Internationalist. And there is no cosy mutual back slapping; if a book, CD or television programme deserves a tough review, it gets it.
- Colin Thomas, TV director

Its coverage is phenomenal and vigorous, yet perceptive. It is the antidote to dumbing down. It is of course concerned with Wales, but it is intuitively international. Planet is an experience.
- Philip Madoc

Since I moved to Wales in the early 1990s I have found Planet to be an absolutely invaluable resource for anyone that looks for a broad, generous, intellectual understanding of what it means to live in this country.
- Steve Blandford, Emeritus Professor University of South Wales

Planet has been for many years an important forum for informed discussion of the relationship between Wales and the world. It is also an open forum, not restricted to professional academics or to career politicians. It is important for these reasons that Planet’s contribution to the cultural and intellectual life of our nation be sustained and enhanced in the years to come.
- W. John Morgan, UNESCO Chair of Political Economy and Education, Distinguished Professor, University of Nottingham

Planet supplies a vital space for in-depth coverage and discussion of culture and politics, managing to balance its focus on Wales with a commitment to representing Wales in the wider world. As a writer, Planet has given me valuable opportunities to develop, as well as providing informative, entertaining and engaging material for me as a reader.
- Rhian E. Jones, author of Clampdown: Pop-Cultural Wars on Class and Gender, blogger at Velvet Coalmine

I see Planet as an innovator though still working within the classic tradition of Welsh Periodicals in English: a true miscellany mingling intelligent political, social and cultural comment with short fiction, poetry and reviews. It contributes to the broad public sphere throughout Wales and its recently redesigned web presence is both lively and accessible.
- Malcolm Ballin, author of Welsh Periodicals in English, 1882-2012

While the English-language media in Wales continues to waste away at an alarming rate, and fails to put Wales in focus, current affairs magazines like Planet aren't just an optional extra – they're absolutely vital.
- Owen Donovan, blogger at oggy bloggy ogwr

Planet is a unique presence in Welsh culture and beyond, because it integrates a wide-ranging cultural perspective, achieving a particular strength in its coverage of poetry and the visual arts, with questioning and highly informed analysis of social and political context. It performs a vital role in the promotion of regional development and environmental protection by providing a forum for publication and debate on these topics which I find both inclusive and cohesive. It is beginning to develop a Welsh perspective on social justice which is well-informed and incisive. Planet - the Welsh Internationalist offers a combination of strengths unimagined elsewhere in our culture.
- Steve Griffiths, poet

I was proud to win the Planet Young Essay Writers award last year with a piece that I felt passionately about but had no idea where it could be read. Planet was the only magazine with a competition encouraging this type of writing, what I thought to be a niche or too localised Welsh subject matter. The essay got me noticed and I have now been offered a publishing deal on the back of Planet's award, for which I will always be grateful. It is a stalwart, important and relevant publication that Wales needs, and should be used as a template to encourage more to read and to emulate.
- Siôn Tomos Owen, writer

In Wales, as in many regions of European countries, our cultural and political life is not adequately supported and critiqued by nation-wide or international media. Our art, literature, drama, music are almost never reviewed in London-based magazines and our politics goes almost ignored in UK national newspapers. There is no critique at all of Welsh culture and political issues in Europe-wide publications. Planet is one of a very small number of serious periodicals that can be relied on to offer a mature critique of the political and cultural life of this devolved nation. Without Planet our culture would stifle in a critical vacuum; without Planet our already-worrying democratic deficit could only deepen.
- Peter Wakelin, writer and Director of Collections and Research, National Museum Wales

Planet is an essential element of our young Welsh polity. At a time when public discussion in our civic society could not be more important, there is no doubt that Wales would be a far poorer place without it.
- Huw Williams, lecturer

I remember, as a teenager living in England but obsessed with Wales, taking a bundle of Planet home on the train. It was, I suppose, my first extended experience of reading adults writing for adults. The contributors didn't make allowance for my ignorance; but I knew as I read them that this was an authentic, intelligent Wales making sense of itself to itself. Through Planet, I entered a country that acknowledged Vernon Watkins and Tryweryn, Dic Penderyn and Sartre, the experience of natives and newcomers. Wales, I learned, could be an infuriating, contradictory place. But never, never dull.
Long after I bought that one-way ticket back I still have them, dog-eared and lopsided, on my shelf: the first few inches in feet of copies that now cover five decades and still speak. Still angry. Still contradictory. Still never dull. Please support Planet: Wales needs it to be truly itself.
- T. Robin Chapman, writer

Planet has assisted, stimulated and enriched me in my professional capacities as an art historian, artist, curator and researcher engaged in the visual culture of modern and contemporary Wales. It is important to me too as a general reader interested in wider contexts. Moreover, it continues to serve as a recognised forum for debate, an influence upon those active in Wales and a precious resource for students and others. There is nothing else like it.
- Ceri Thomas, artist and art historian

Planet is an intellectual variety show. My favourite fanzine.The current episode alone spans discussions of the history of cross-dressing as protest, education and poverty, street punks, nuclear power, Robert Graves AND MORE. If culture is, as Raymond Williams once wrote, a whole way of life then Planet IS culture. Long may its orbit continue!
- Adam Johannes, activist, Chair of Cardiff Stop the War Coalition

I discovered Planet magazine around two years ago in a bookshop in Ruthin. As both an academic interested in exploring and understanding Welsh political culture and a member of the public with a keen interest in culture, arts and politics discovering Planet was a joy. The magazine is an engaging, enquiring and always inspiring read that covers issues not presented elsewhere and does this in a thought-provoking and in-depth manner. The standards of journalism are high and I have yet to finish a copy of Planet without engaging with a topic in a new and refreshing manner. Indeed I can think of no other Welsh-based magazine that offers the level of accessibility, coverage and quality that Planet provides. That the magazine adopts an internationalist and outward thinking version of Welsh culture welcoming to all nationalities should be applauded and held in particular esteem by those who work on and fund the magazine.
- Carl Emery, Psychology of Education, Manchester University

Planet magazine provides a unique insight into the quirkier, off-the-wall, aspects of Welsh culture. Both as a subscriber and contributor I relish its quality of writing, contemporary aesthetic and diverse themes. Long may it continue.
- Ellen Bell, artist and writer

For me, as a monoglot English speaking Welsh expatriate, Planet is my only link with Welsh culture which has any vivacity and contemporary relevance. In a small nation, it provides a very important platform for a broad spectrum of political and cultural opinion which is not replicated. I have found that it has often been the sole unfettered voice in articulating critical and sometimes dissident opinion. Despite its modesty of scale, it has been epically successful in its range of subjects, and attracts contributors and readers and acclaim, world-wide. It is a source of constant pleasure.
- Hugh Adams, art critic

I've learned so much from Planet over the years about the organic connection between culture, politics and democracy. One of the most crucial components of the magazine is the book review section, which offers vital support to readers, writers and publishers alike at a time when all broadsheet publications are cutting back on the number of reviews they publish.
Francesca Rhydderch, writer