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Much debate occurs concerning the value of academic, cultural and sporting boycotts of regimes for which for various reasons are held to be unacceptable, but sometimes more nuanced actions can work wonders too. This might consist of nothing more than reminding those who have the potential to act repressively, that there are observers, and thus indicate potential for the release of unwelcome publicity.

Internationally there are many brave cultural enterprises which would welcome the appreciation of strangers from far afield, so it may not seem so odd that I write here urging support for another magazine. As one involved with Planet I feel confident of a sympathetic response were I to draw the attention of Spanish-speaking readers to a beleaguered literary enterprise in Paraguay. This is a largely overlooked country, which has not the pleasantest associations internationally in terms of the state’s political record, but possibly nowadays, if not actually winds, then zephyrs of change are beginning to stir.

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