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Letters from Planet issue 221

Adam Johannes is to be heartily congratulated on his excellent article in the Winter 2015/16 edition of Planet (‘We Need a New Deal for Tenants’). He makes the point very elegantly and succinctly that there is nothing radically subversive in expecting that people are afforded the opportunity to live in good quality accommodation at a cost which is a reasonable proportion of their income. That we should expect the Welsh Government to provide the legislative framework to ensure this is the case is, again, another perfectly reasonable expectation. The fact that the Welsh Government has failed to step up to the mark on this is not wholly surprising. However, as Welsh citizens, we also need to step up our efforts to ensure that our realistic expectations are delivered. If the Welsh Government lacks the competence to enact effective legislation in this regard, Welsh civil society must be able to offer the practical examples and solutions that are required. So please pass on my heartfelt thanks to Mr Johannes for his efforts to ensure that this is the case, and that the voices and concerns of private tenants are heard by politicians in Wales.

Owain Davies,
Cei Newydd, Ceredigion