Planet 234

Rita Singer reviews
Stories of Solidarity
by Hywel Francis and Wales: the First and Final Colony by Adam Price

Stories of Solidarity by Hywel Francis

Y Lolfa, £9.99

They say ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ but the covers of the two volumes recently published by Y Lolfa are perhaps the best summaries of the authors’ respective visions of Wales. Hywel Francis’s Stories of Solidarity shows him as a boy collecting Aneurin Bevan’s autograph; behind them we can see Francis’s father and an unidentified miner in parade uniform. The group of four are framed by a solid red backdrop. In contrast, Adam Price’s Wales: The First and Final Colony shows a portrait of the author in close-up, looking directly into the camera while the background is artfully blurred and non-descript. The two covers mirror two visions of Wales: one unapologetically steeped in community and communism, the other, one man and a blurry background.

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