Planet 234

Michelle Deininger reviews
Shards of Light
by Emyr Humphreys and Emyr Humphreys by M. Wynn Thomas

by Emyr Humphreys

University of Wales Press, £11.99

In his fictions, Emyr Humphreys explores the intricacies of human interaction, as well as loss and loneliness, connection and disconnection, home and exile. His work spans over seven decades, from The Little Kingdom (1946) to his most recent collection of poetry, Shards of Light. Humphreys is primarily viewed as a fiction writer, whether through the vehicle of the novel or the short story. But as this collection clearly demonstrates, he is also a poet of depth and power. The same words could be used to describe the eponymous new study of Humphreys’ life and work by M. Wynn Thomas, in UWP’s ‘Writers of Wales’ series – it, too, has a depth and power that is often lacking from academic texts, even when they are designed for the general reader.

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