Planet 234

Dr Ceril Rhys-Dillon
Behind the Mask
by Glenn Dene

Edited by Georgia Burdett and Sarah Morse

Graffeg, £14.99

Book reviews are not really my thing (I’m too critical and prone to immediate dismissal if the first page is not to my liking, or the pedant in me finds an overlooked grammatical error). Saying no is not my thing either, especially when the task takes me to new uncomfortable places. This is a book that will take many readers to new uncomfortable places, the world behind the mask; one familiar to me but frightening to others. It is a visual portrayal of the world of the intensive care team in a Welsh district hospital, a medical team photo album inviting the reader into the inner Covid-19 world as it was in the Spring of 2020. It is a touching collection of images that paints an alien environment in a human light. Look beyond the surgical green, the nasty-plastic visor, the smile-hiding mask and you will see that the eyes have it. That is where this story is told.

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