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Gwilym Morus-Baird reviews
Rhywbeth i'w ddweud
Edited by Elis Dafydd and Marged Tudur

Rhywbeth i'w ddweud

Cyhoeddiadau Barddas, £8.95

Rhywbeth i’w Ddweud is a collection of essays by ten different contributors discussing a chosen Welsh political song. The editors’ stated goal was to ‘...commission articles by people that know their stuff in terms of lyrics, music and politics, and the brief given to everyone was to choose a political song and discuss it, weigh it, interpret it, place it in its context, and explain its importance and significance’. The editors have also been careful to manage the reader’s expectations: ‘Perhaps the other authors or readers will disagree with our contributors’ interpretation of the songs. We welcome that – to stimulate discussion is the exact intention of this book.’

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