Planet 234

Sarah Reynolds reviews
Crushed by Kate Hamer

by Kate Hamer

Faber & Faber, £12.99

Kate Hamer’s third novel, Crushed, is a fraught psychological drama in which the internal world of its anti-heroine leeches into the real world to wreak destruction. A response to Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the novel places the three ‘witches’ at the centre of this three-act tragedy. Pheobe, Orla and Grace are each on the verge of adulthood, each searching for comfort as they struggle with their own psychological and emotional challenges. While the narrative is split three ways, Phoebe is at the centre of this swirling cauldron of a plot, casting acid-trip spells that lead her ‘weird sisters’ to partake in a dark act which leaves Phoebe wondering – like Macbeth – if she will ever sleep again.

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